Audacity is a family of professional grade dictation and digital transcription products and services. The premier product is the Audacity Digital Voice Recorder, a PDA (personal digital assistant) based intelligent voice recorder. Other products in the Audacity family involve transporting, managing and transcribing the dictated files. Audacity also includes solutions that integrate the dictation process with database information and forms. The Audacity TAM (Telephone Access Module) product is an inexpensive telephone interface that allows recording from any touch-tone telephone. Each Audacity product functions as a stand-alone item, but integrated together, provides a seamless solution. The Audacity product family targets doctors, lawyers, law enforcement, and other professionals requiring professional-grade dictation.

Audacity Digital Voice Recorders

The AUDACITY DVR (DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER) is a software product that works on many PDA’s that include voice-supported hardware. With the addition of our sled attachment, it also works on many Palm PDA’s that do not support voice. Many professionals already use handheld computers in their daily work. Adding an intelligent dictation application to existing hardware increases effectiveness and efficiency.

The Audacity DVR has a dual filing structure so personal memos can be separated from professional dictating. Audio quality is very high even though the compressed files are quite small. Files record in standard WAV format with several compression choices.

The Audacity DVR is full featured. In addition to the standard rewind, append and pause features, it has advanced editing features like bookmarking, copying, inserting, etc. File naming and disposition is programmable. Each WAV file has an associated information file that contains pertinent information like author name, comments, etc. The Audacity DVR is a fully featured recorder residing in a handheld-computer package.

Local Audacity Manager (LAM)

LAM (LOCAL AUDACITY MANAGER) is a PC file utility application that manages the audio files on the local (source) PC. It handles files from several different input sources including the Audacity DVR and TAM products. LAM makes the file management process simple and automatic.

LAM collects the audio files (usually automatically), stores them, erases the handheld files after the desired delay time, and, if appropriate, converts the files to the desired format. It then securely and automatically transports a copy to the transcribing computer via LAN, e-mail, or FTP. All transactions are logged.

Remote Audacity Manager (RAM)

RAM (REMOTE AUDACITY MANAGER) is a PC software application that manages the audio files on the receiving (transcribers) end. It decompresses, decrypts, and prepares the files for the digital transcriptionist. All transactions are logged.

Audacity Transcriber

The AUDACITY TRANSCRIBER application resides on a PC and is used by the digital transcriptionist to convert the audio files to text. The application supports an optional foot pedal and the RAM application mentioned above.

Telephone Access Module (TAM)

TAM (TELEPHONE ACCESS MODULE) is an inexpensive single line telephone interface used for dictation. Any touch-tone telephone can be used as a dictation input device. Files are captured on a PC and organized by author and work type. The program supports standard record functions including rewind, append and pause. The touch-tone buttons and their associated functions are programmable.

Custom Application Solutions

Dictation Services specializes in customized audio solutions for handheld computers. We can economically integrate dictation into your workflow. The design of our Audacity product line allows for easy customization. We will provide you a custom product that satisfies your needs. It can be branded with your name and interface with your systems. Let us take your current PC based applications and port them to the handheld. Our solutions help the mobile professional become more productive.

Audacity Plug-ins for HanDBase

AUDACITY PLUG-INS for HanDBase provide a method of dictating from within a handheld database. HanDBase is a full-featured and very popular handheld database program. A database lets a user organize, search for, and enter data in meaningful ways. It is easily customized to the individual.

A database is a great way to access existing data. It also works well to enter new data, as long as the data is a simple yes/no answer or a selection from a menu. When the entry gets long, complicated and unusual, dictation provides the best method. With the Audacity Plug-in, in combination with HanDBase, new data may be entered either way. The dictation produces a WAV file and a related WAV information file that are associated with the database record. The WAV information file can be configured to automatically include data from selected database fields.

For example, a doctor using a patient office visit database, accesses Tom’s records. A new visit is documented with a dictation. The Doctor has no need to dictate the patient name, patient number, and other routine information, as it is automatically pulled-in from the database. When the file reaches the Audacity Transcriber, these selected fields are automatically displayed making the Transcriber’s job easier too.

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