Volume of mission essential data continues to be always on the increase at an astounding speed for recent years. That is why LTO consortium’s roadmap to keep up together with the quickly growing data protection demands has been carefully designed by it. LTO ultrium is the favored and most economic cassette technology, which gives media interoperability that is excellent and unprecedented functionality in broader variety of environments that are working.

Fifth variant of LTO ultrium continues to be released to deal with the challenges of data abundant programs and. LTO 5 cassette format proceeds to flourish in the copy storage marketplace. LTO-5 ultrium format is the best answer for internet data archive files, network servers, data mining, SMBs, back-up programs that are modern and large scale business enterprises. Launch of LTO5 ultrium cassette generation is still another milestone of LTO technology.

Quantum is the greatest player in copy storage business. Quantum LTO-5 cassette products not only improve your ROI but additionally supplies investment protection that is robust and increased media compatibility. Quantum LTO-5 cassette, part number MR L5MQN 01, hikes the storage capacity up to 15 terabytes in uncompressed form. Compression ratio is 2 to 1, which will be same for each of the last LTO generations.

Advantages and advantages of Quantum LTO-5 ultrium apparatus certainly outdistance the competing media cassette technologies. Compared to LTO-4 cassette format, the quantum LTO-5 tape drives increase the transfer rate by 50%, hence reaching up to 140 MB/sec. finest characteristic of LTO format is that each new generation of LTO ultrium brings in new breakthrough technologies. WORM (write once, read many) technology was introduced in LTO 4 cassette technology, and today the exceptional partitioning attribute in LTO-5 ultrium generation format, hardware encryption system that was based in LTO-3 ultrium.


HP LTO-5 ultrium 3000 is a good storage medium for video program programs and active data centers that demand complete integrity and quicker throughput. Firm data legislations including PCI DSS, IRS, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPPA, and Securities and Exchange Commission may be seamlessly filled by the brand new Quantum LTO5 ultrium technology. These legislations compel the organizations to keep their tax records, financial data as well as other mission essential data for longer spans. Quantum LTO5 cassette products have more working life as well as their robust layout helps to reduce operational costs & the care.

Quantum LTO-5 drives supply you greater advantages simply because they are able to read & write data -4 cartridges, and read the LTO-3 data cassettes. Breakthrough top features of Quantum LTO-5 apparatus facilitate the information managers to cost-efficiently perform their data storage jobs with added media management and backward compatibility. The information administrators’ entire satisfaction is provided by quantum LTO5 technology.

Track density of Quantum LTO-5 cassettes has been enhanced to enhance its recording capability inside exactly the same cassette span. This aids to customers without raising the ledge space to adapt more tape cartridges. Enhanced capability and functionality of LTO-5 ultrium technology help decrease the number of cassette devices needed to manage data that was higher quantities, while fulfilling with the rigorous info legislations. In the following article, all of the item names are property and trademarks of the various owners.

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