Prayer is a means of communication with a supernatural being. It does require that the supernatural being exist for the prayers to mean anything. It also matters if the prayer has any validity.

For example, praying to get to the Caribbean on a luxury vacation is immediately answered by using cheapcaribbean promo code 2013. No prayer needed to enjoy a tropical paradise full of sunshine, surf, sand and sunsets. The plants and trees, the wildlife, the cool breezes and the great food all make this a trip to remember forever.

On the other hand, treating the deity like a vending machine has never been approved by the source documents that came from the deity. There is a middle ground.


The idea of prayer has usually been popularized by a certain kind of prayer – requests. There are, however, other kinds of prayers including praise, thanks and confession. All too often, prayers in these categories are neglected in favor of the requesting kind of prayer.

The prayers of request usually come in a time of stress, either psychological or physical danger. Either way, it comes about due to some bad circumstance, and that is the root of the problem – pain and suffering. So how does J. M. Green address the issue of pain and suffering? “What prayer is!

He believes that pain and suffering are built into the universe and all of life. Ever since evolution brought forth the first micro-organisms, there has been a battle for survival. Battling for survival necessarily requires pain and suffering. So the concept of discomfort is a law just like gravity is a law.

In this video shows, the prayer is in many ways a very easy thing to grasp.

The people Green criticizes in this picture believe that the universe was created without pain and suffering. For some length of time, it was perfect. But at some point, the created being brought about its downfall and pain and suffering were the result.

J. M. Green is confident that pain and suffering will always be in the universe  Because it was there when the universe came into being, it will remain there until the universe continues on until its destruction, if that ever happens. But fundamentally, there is nothing wrong with the universe because pain and suffering is a natural part of it.

People who pray believe that pain and suffering will be wiped out. There is something wrong with the universe. The one to whom they pray has said that the universe will be fixed at some point in time.

J. M. Green can either fight a losing battle against pain and suffering or live with it. It does not matter either way because pain and suffering are built into the universe. Whatever makes him happy.

The ones who pray are obligated to follow the example of Jesus, who fought pain and suffering. When he stood at the tomb of a dear friend, he was angry at pain and suffering, though he was not angry at himself. He did something to fix it and commands his followers to do the same.

In this video shows what prayer is!

So how is J. M. Green’s view of pain and suffering superior to prayer?

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